Become A Partner

Our partner network is special to us.

You won’t find us providing direct consulting services outside a small set of existing clients. Instead, we transfer our capability to our partners, and support their sales and delivery of Execview-related services with skills, resource and on-site help.

Gain the Execview Partner advantage

All Execview Partners gain a high level of competitive advantage. It’s thanks to gaining unique access to the best strategic outcome platform available. In turn, that leads to client requests for best practice advisory and delivery projects.

There’s a wide range of cross-selling advantages too. Most of our clients want access to different parts of the Execview model. So, for example, an initial sale of project management services will lead to managing supplier services and business request automation.

Execview will strip out a wide range of costs and complexity for your clients. We expect our strategic partners to deliver the integration work.

Many of our partners are consulting firms, used to delivering short assignments and projects. Execview is a ‘leave-behind’ platform that provides a long-term client relationship and value-add opportunities.
Find out more about our partner model and the opportunities available to you.

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