Central Government

Helping the government transform public services.

UK Government has had to transform public services in recent years, with tighter budgets than ever. They partnered with Execview to help get there.

Execview is the platform of choice for UK Government in policy deployment throughout government departments and agencies, with potential savings of over £200m over five years.

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We’ve helped the UK government with:

Policy Deployment

Every operational service and every change programme throughout central government is linked through to policy objectives and strategic outcomes on Execview. This enforces accountability at every level, and ensures a transparent operation at all times. Benefits cannot easily be lost when there is a distinct, tracked audit trail.

Managing Strategic Transformation Programmes

Public sector projects carry risks because of their size, complexity and the involvement of numerous agencies. Execview ‘maps’ this complexity so outcomes are directly linked to initial targets. Most programmes see savings in contractor and consultancy costs, as well as intangible benefits such as lower risk, faster delivery and better control of third parties.

Managing Departmental Performance

Organisation-wide: Outcome delivery is directly linked to third parties and external performance. Execview can achieve immediate savings, whilst requiring the minimum of external cost and effort to implement. Expensive software and consultants are not necessary.

Managing Outsourcing and Shared Services

Execview oversees commissioning relationships and manages operational performance, transformational outcomes and contract changes. It has the ability to measure and track every necessary aspect within a third party contractual relationship to ensure a successful and prosperous partnership.

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