Engage Stakeholders

Execview focuses on the decision-making bodies or people – the ‘governance points’ – within an organisation, and the decisions required by them.

It produces single page views (scorecards) to deliver the appropriate level of information to support the decisions required.

Stakeholder Communication Overview

• Stakeholder communication is about getting accurate and up-to-date information about the business to key people, so that they can take the right decisions.
• Using scorecards, you can aggregate and simplify complex data. You avoid putting effort into generating report packs.
• Visually appealing and user friendly, scorecards give confidence to client organisations and their stakeholders by focusing on critical measures of success and the actions required to bring delivery back under control.

Gain breadth not depth

• With scorecards, perspective is more important than detailed analysis. Execview is built to deliver perspective across a variety of data sources or a variety of business functions.
• Execview brings together progress, performance, risks, issues, actions and delivery commentary from the key business users across a variety of projects.
• Stepping up a level, Execview offers perspective on overall performance of service delivery, change, transformation, corporate finance and risk.

Gaining trust in the data

• Part of the battle of every management information system is trust and confidence in the data the scorecards are based on.
• Execview scorecards have full drill-down capabilities, allowing you to see the actual data that supports the measure.
• With confidence won, executives will naturally focus on the critical decisions rather than a forensic detailed investigation.

Powerful visualisation

• Execview models the organisational structure and the planned strategic outcomes.
• It works top-down and bottom-up, delivering at the right level of detail for different audiences.
• Scorecards and reports are designed ‘on the fly’. Their output can be corporate or focused on a specific business area.

Keeping records of previous reports

• Things change over time and future changes can affect reports already produced.
• For audit, accountability and good governance purposes, Execview maintains persistence on all scorecards and maintains an audit trail at every point in time.
• So your business can always refer back to a report as it was.

Acting as an interim Business Intelligence (BI) solution

• You can use Execview as an interim BI solution, while you’re waiting for the implementation of a major BI solution such as IBM Cognos or Oracle Hyperion. The big advantage is that Execview is immediately available.
• Execview connects to any data source and generates scorecards instantly.
• Execview’s scorecards present relevant business information without the cost of complex data integration projects.