Execview for Executives



For executives, insufficient visibility of problems leads to poor high-level decisions. Executives are often disengaged from individual projects and programmes.
Senior managers and staff can unconsciously (or consciously) give a false representation on a project’s status
Reporting and meeting cycles are typically monthly – far too long for quick, informed decision making.
Executives are in need of focused actions, supported by relevant summarised reporting in order to better run transformation programmes and reduce risk, cost and timescale.


  1. Do you need better governance over your transformation programmes?
  2. Would you like to reduce the cost and risk involved in change?
  3. Would you like to make your senior managers and staff more accountable for project success?


  • Lack of clarity of a project’s ‘real’ status
  • Slow decisions lead to delay in timescales
  • Too much data – ill-presented
  • Multi-location data: Spreadsheets saved on multiple machines, ‘recent’ copy hard to define
  • No clear list of actions needed by executives
  • No audit trail – so information can change without accountability (e.g. milestone dates)


Execview is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Transformational Governance SaaS platform for Enterprises.

It provides a complete environment for managing transformational change.

It also delivers project manager and PMO processes supporting governance and visibility.

It includes many functions for automating internal and external sources of data into clear executive level scorecards for different governance points.

Ultimately, Execview drives faster and stronger decisions to reduce risk, cost and delay across your organisation and support good governance.

Key functions of Execview for executives:
Execview acts as a portal for the entire project community, from project members, PMs, the PMO, Sponsors right up to Executives and even to third parties.
Execview is a powerful role-based security model ensures data is only shared with relevant people with the correct permissions.
Execview acts as a repository for ALL project data.
Execview encourages best practice and improved, aligned working methods with built-in templates for project data reporting and editing.
Clear scorecards aimed specifically at governance points (eg, Steering Group meetings) and accountable executives.
Execview provides action and escalation to specific individuals to drive accountability.
A focus on rapid issue escalation, never wait for drawn-out escalation routes again. Ensure decisions are made faster and with optimum live information.
Execview provides a line-of-sight from executive summary right down to the detail of individual projects.