Execview for PMO Directors



For PMOs, the key is providing best practice, but due to poor tools, weak skills and resource constraints, they mostly become an administrative and reporting function.

Organisations have created an industry in PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents for project control and reporting. These are seldom connected, and result in significant administrative work for PMOs and PMs.

While tools such as SharePoint can be used these are seldom effective and just become a store or documents in most organisations. They lack any real ‘online’ templates, and do not summarise data into report properly.

Similarly most project management tools have real problems – they are ‘bottom up’ requiring significant work up front before they can be used for PMO and governance processes. They are also rarely tuned for Executives and sponsors, so ‘cut off’ at the reporting and governance layer.

In order to resolve these issues, a holistic solution is necessary, covering four key functions:

  • A fully fully integrated governance and reporting platform with strong security allowing everyone to participate in one place
  • A repository for all project information
  • Built in processes for the common PMO and PM processes
  • Automation of ‘data’ into effective governance reports


  1. Would you like to better engage your executives in project and programme governance?
  2. Would you like to make your PMO focused on ‘Assurance’ ‘Improvements’ and ‘Outcomes’ rather than administration?
  3. Would you like a framework where everything is stored in one place, and processes and reporting are automated?


  • Reliant on spreadsheets, powerpoints and other unsuitable documentation.
  • Data is not summarised properly, leading to ineffective and time-consuming reporting processes
  • Lack of governance and best practice working methods
  • Inefficient training for PMs and Sponsors


Execview is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Transformational Governance SaaS platform for Enterprises.

We have worked to deliver this functionality for PMO Directors in an easy to use portal.  Our approach is ‘top down’, not ‘bottom up’, meaning you can roll it out initially without much project data and still have reporting running in 4 weeks across a programme or portfolio. Everything else can be layered of this.

The main benefits are speed, lower risk and cost, and timescales. Importantly, most organisation should be able to justify the costs based on lower PM and PMO headcount. Popular functions on Execview for PMOs include:



  • Fast to deploy – top down implementation
  • Easy to use by the PMO, PMs and Execs alike
  • Everything in one place
  • Most common delivery and assurance processes included
  • Automation of processes and notifications
  • High quality reports for Steering groups and sponsors
  • Real benefits of reduced cost, risk and timescale
  • Expect RoI savings on PMO and PM effort reduction
Key functions/benefits of Execview for PMO directors:
Execview can be operational in a week or two. It can be started with minimal project planning data and 2 hours training per PM to get reporting going. It's that simple!
It is a ‘Top down’ product, not bottom up, so management can make faster decisions with ease.
Execview has a full project data repository and security model for multiple organisations and role types.
Execview has lots of built in processes – innovation pipeline, planning, project PIDs, Risk, Issue, dependency, cost, resource management, timesheets, benefits, reporting, Action management etc. Combined, they align working methods and ensure accountable, simplified actions.
Providing faster, more accurate reports. Execview also benefits from built-in Executive reporting, useful for Steering Groups and other governance points.
Execview has its own scheduling and can integrate with Microsoft Project – a practically ubiquitous product now delivered with Office 365.
Assurance and governance processes – like internal and external assurance reviews, gateway reviews.
Enjoy line-of-sight from the summary right down to the detailed data of individual projects.
We are proud of our ongoing training and support. Our supporting processes include: Set up and configuration | Rollout support and help/mentoring | PMO training | PM and Sponsor training Setup and configuration ...Initial training is typically a 1-2 week process which includes: PMO training to get the initial functionality running | Additional functions such as resource management, gateway assurance can be rolled out as a second or third wave. Typically 4-12 week rollout support through staff training, PM, PMO and Executive mentoring Integration on corporate data (eg., SAP/Oracles planning and costs data, ERP people and costs) Execview is designed to integrate any source of external data. PMO Training is typically hands-on during the first two weeks. By working with the Execview Solution architect, most PMOs gain sufficient knowledge to continue unaided. We bring in speciality experts for subject training such as: Designing and building effective scorecards Implementing project accounting and profitability reporting Rolling out resource management and timesheets In every case we are trying to make the PMO self-sufficient using a ‘train the trainer’ mode. We find clients still tend to use us for top-up training and executive support because of our consistent approach focused on behavioural change and fast adoption.