Manage Operations

Execview manages service delivery, such as SLAs and KPIs. It consolidates outputs from multiple applications, systems and third parties. And it supports multiple supply and outsource relationships across the organisations’ value chain.

Execview consolidates all third party management within client organisations. Each supplier has a specific part of the portal through which you can manage service, transformational and commercial matters.

Operations and Service delivery

• Execview’s dashboard presents a single view of service delivery performance. So you can define and track progress across your organisation.
• It enables you to track the performance of all your service providers, whether internal or external, such as outsourcing partners. You can then present one consistent view of service delivery performance across your organisation.
• Execview tracks SLAs and management KPIs, and drives accountability for service delivery to your staff and suppliers.

Service Delivery Management

• With Execview, you can manage a wide range of areas in a standardised and consolidated way.
• For each service line, you can track SLAs and KPIs against Critical Success Factors. Targets can be either static or transformational, demonstrating improvement over time.
• Execview delivers graphical RAG-based (red, amber, green) reports, with service metrics and rolled-up views.

Managing Improvement initiatives

• You can run discreet projects and programmes – that impact the BAU model –within an operational area, using the same management controls applied to change programmes.
• At every level of service hierarchy, Execview incorporates Service Improvement Projects (SIPs). These enable change of the appropriate complexity; they drive actions and management review to ensure success.
• In all cases, you can visualise and manage the impacts on both the business operations and change activity.

Integrating outsourcers to your business value chain

• In Execview, each supplier is cross-mapped to the delivery channel. Supplier performance (and change) is directly linked into the business performance reports.
• You can manage contracted SLAs and KPIs to ensure all parts of the supply chain are delivering against the agreed commitments.
• All the key aspects of the client-supplier relationship are included. From service reporting against the contracted SLAs to workflowed change management, services, contracts, and the management of transformational delivery.

Aggregating disparate sources

• Service delivery performance is usually tracked in a variety of independent systems. Execview aggregates this information and reports on it in one place.
• Its radical approach avoids complex integration and focuses on sourcing only the information required for effective governance.
• Execview combines SLA and KPI information from numerous transactional systems to give a top-level view of organisational performance.