Manage Outsourced & Shared Services

Execview adds value for both clients and service providers. It enables you to effectively manage one or many major supply contracts, be they for outsourced service delivery, shared services or other relationships.

This means you can manage the strategic outcomes of your supplier relationships. Execview drives commitments, decisions, and accountability for action, from suppliers and client organisations. As a multi-supplier, multi-client framework, it supports multiple ‘contracted services’.

This includes service providers’ clients with a web-based solution through which SLAs and service reporting, transformation and commercial management are provided.

Commercial control – overview

• For service management, commercial management, transition and transformation, Execview recognises the common governance processes around your contracts. It manages multiple contracts and aggregate detailed performance and outcomes.
• Execview carries a summary of each contracted service, for all those involved in the day-to-day governance processes. It means you have a clear understanding of the critical areas of service, performance and outcomes.
• Where you need simple, repetitive governance processes, you can manage them using standard forms, reports and workflows. Both client and suppliers benefit from overall cost reductions, while achieving greater control of commercial contracts.

Supplier and Contract Performance

• Most contracts have operational and transformational targets. Execview manages these across all areas of the contract. For an integrated picture, you can combine all of a contract’s key financial elements with SLA and volume data.
• Execview models key parts of a contract into an online contract summary for each delivery or commercial element.
• This ensures people involved in operating or managing the contract – both client and provider – have a view of information on accountabilities, governance, volumes, exceptions, changes, CSFs, SLAs and KPIs.

Service Credits

• Client organisations who want to get the most out of outsourced contracts need their internal delivery to operate at an appropriate standard. The quality, speed and volume of delivery frequently impacts the supplier’s cost-drivers. From the perspective of control and management, these are critical measures.
• Execview manages reverse SLAs in any contract area, allowing under-performance and volumes to trigger for either remedial action or commercial changes. Because Execview focuses on outcomes, it aggregates both internal and external performance information to produce a consolidated picture.

Change Control Notes

• Most contracts receive hundreds of changes or additions over their lifetime. With Execview, you can manage commercial changes to a contract via a work-flowed request, estimate and costing or approval process.
• This means that there is one version of the truth. It also means you track and manage all change requests / CCNs, and that they are linked to the relevant part of the contract or service.
• Where CCNs alter SLAs, headcount, costs or details of the service, these changes are tracked so that both parties know the status at any point in time.

Managing Procurement

• Probably the fastest way to fully understand a potential outsourced contract is to use the Execview commercial and service template to summarise the procurement.
• Do this and you’ll see the information presented in a way that can be used to generate PQQ and key elements of the RFP / ITT documents for later procurement.
• Added to that, the output from the procurement stage is automatically set up to manage the ensuing contract.