Manage Portfolios

Whether managing complex programmes or simple changes, Execview contains a complete Portfolio Project Management (PPM) suite. Designed to be ‘light touch’, all stakeholders can use Execview, not just project staff, to prioritise and manage change.

It’s available for individual projects, large change programmes and complete portfolios of corporate change. You can instantly consolidate and view the results of your teams’ efforts in any part of the world.

Project & Portfolio Management Overview

• See a top-down view of the status across complex portfolios. Execview’s information and reporting model combines ‘roll-up’ and ‘drill-down’ for clear and quick views, and ease of understanding.
• Present programmes in highly graphical and easy-to-understand ways, allowing stakeholders to intuitively grasp how projects are helping the organisation towards its goals.
• Build capability into existing resources and drive information to the decision points where programmes and change are managed.

Managing your portfolio

• Manage tasks, milestones, risks, issues, change requests, costs, contract change notices, benefits, dependencies, gateways, approval, governance reporting and actions.
• It typically takes managers no more than an hour to update Execview at the end of each reporting period.
• This improved governance and timeliness of update management leads to lower risk of failure and under-delivery.

Lifting the capability to manage change

• Thanks to Execview, you can deliver more effective change using internal people who are not necessarily trained in a project methodology.
• Provide simple templates to guide users in the effective management of these changes.
• Users are trained in Execview in 30 minutes or less, often by their colleagues!

Benefits tracking and realisation

• Provides linkages between the desired business outcomes and the status of delivery projects. With Execview, it’s easy, preventing businesses from increasingly focusing on outcomes rather than specific deliverables.
• Once a project is defined, you can identify the benefits, create measures of success, specify targets, and put into place links with existing KPIs and SLAs.

Managing and mitigating risks

Because it’s people who run projects, risk is inherent.

• Execview tracks and manages risks at three levels: project, programme and portfolio. It avoids duplication by allowing you to escalate risks simply by tagging them for reporting at a higher level.
• You can define risk groupings so that risks can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. And you can set risk tolerances against any group.
• Projects, programmes and portfolios each have different views aimed at: practitioners, change leaders, governance bodies and PMOs. You can configure all views to include risks appropriate to that view.


• Execview supports all key best practice standards like Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Prince2 and OGC gateways.
• It’s based on customisable components that reflect organisations’ processes, gateways, risk and impact profiles.
• While designed to support all of these methodologies, Execview focuses on ‘light touch’ and ease of use to maximise adoption.