Our Customers

Execview has a range of customers across many sectors. Our unique blend of expert business advice coupled with our innovative business management software has helped them save £millions, some of whom include:

What do they think of Execview?

University of London

“Having the visibility of what’s really going on in all operating areas through multiple levels of management is sometimes very challenging. Execview is putting this information on my desk in a form that I can work with and relate to.”

Andrew Bollington, Chief Operating Officer, University of London

The Legacy Corporation

“We really like the way Execview work. Important enhancements are carried out quickly and we know that support is always available.”

Rachel Massey, Head of Programme Management and Governance, The Legacy Corporation


“If something goes wrong we need to be able to see immediately what the problem is, where the problem is, how it happened and where the impact is. It is enabling us to see far more clearly where a problem has occurred and ‘share’ an incident between suppliers ensuring it is correctly attributed and recorded on closure.”

Ian Cottrell, Head of Transmission, ITV

East Sussex County Council

“The Execview platform itself was easy to implement and configure, a degree of training and skills transfer allowed ‘beginner’ users to be competent on the system fairly quickly.”

Tony Summers, CIO, East Sussex County Council

Hays Recruitment

“Excellence requires excellent tools, and Execview is able and Execview is able to
provide us with this.”

Steve Weston, Hays Recruitment


“What we were looking for initially was experience. We hadn’t expected the toolset. Out of the work they did which was completed very quickly, we got a tool that was easy to use, that every user understood and that suited the diverse range of services that were encompassed in the contract. You get an easily understood visual representation of the status of your contract, the status of your negotiations and then later on, once the contract is in place, it’s very easy to see how that contract is performing against any of the SLAs or success factors. It was incredibly useful.”

John Varney, CTO, BBC