Plan Strategies

Organisations struggle to achieve an understanding of their business strategy.

What impact is it meant to have across the organisation? What changes are required to achieve the goals of the strategy?

There’s often a distance between the goals of the strategy and the critical success factors, individual initiatives and projects that will help achieve those goals. End result? Poor delivery and execution. Let Execview take care of it.

Strategy Planning Overview

• Execview enables you to visualise outcomes, undertake alignment mapping and prioritise initiatives.
• Executive and senior management teams can build powerful strategy maps and integrate the intentions of the business strategy with the delivery plan.
• Execview shapes and prioritises initiatives, generating clear reports on KPIs at key points on the change journey.

Visually mapping strategic intent

• Execview creates a single model that pulls the whole strategy into a coherent picture for everyone involved.
• It enables you to break down a vision so that everyone understands its intent, its specific intended outcomes and the impacts on the business.
• You can map delivery on to strategy, meaning you can prototype the work and delivery structure prior to planning individual initiatives.

Managing the executive idea process

• Organisations need to manage ideas and systematically evaluate them.
• With Execview, individual ideas and initiatives are logged, defined, assessed and assured prior to approval.
• The process allows the ‘shape’ of change to be understood and agreed before the project detail is developed.

Prioritising and sequencing initiatives and ideas

• Once tracked, assessed and documented, you can analyse initiatives against each other based on a variety of criteria.
• Execview lets you prioritise ideas in an unbiased fashion.
• This enables organisations to adopt the ideas that deliver the most value, promoting those ideas to projects or service improvement plans.

Transition and Transformation Measurement

Because it’s important to have a framework to measure strategic change, Execview provides three approaches.

• Live maps: original strategy maps are linked to the scorecard measurement of outcome status. This brings clarity to the areas of change needing attention.
• Transition models: allow ‘transition states’ to be represented as a set of KPIs, linked to the delivery activities, and portrayed as a clear map of what is working and what isn’t.
• Focused scorecards: provide top down views of the plan versus target operating models, as well as overall change views, such as EFQM, and specific business area transformation scorecards.