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Together we help you succeed

We founded Execview in December 2003 because we wanted to give the world a better way of managing projects. At the time (and even now) people were using PowerPoint, Excel and MS Project – but they all had limitations. Whilst being good for planning and building projects, they do not provide real-time management and reporting of projects.

So, we built tailored, securely hosted software that cuts days off projects and keeps everyone on track.

We also wanted to significantly improve the governance and control of your projects, portfolios, programmes, service delivery and operational services in a single location.  And we made it easy to tailor the software (with help from our specialist consultants) which means it’s cost effective too.

Execview Philosophy

We want you to succeed.

By empowering you with priceless insight, intuitive tools and dedicated support, so you make clearer choices and maintain complete control from project start to successful completion on your project and programmes.

Who we are

We’re a dynamic team of specialists based in London.

We take complex data and simplify it to provide directors and executives with valuable and relevant insight to make quicker, clearer and bolder strategic decisions.

We‘re dedicated to making intuitive products and providing dedicated support to enable programme and project managers to make faster, more informed tactical decisions in order to maintain efficiency and control from the beginning to the end of projects.

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Aishvarya Ramniklal
Aishvarya Ramniklal

My passion for business and project management began at Brunel University and I have transferred these interests to the support desk at Execview. I love supporting people so they get the best out of Execview – and enabling their projects to succeed.

Alina Poceviciene

I’m a Test Analyst at Execview. In software testing, every feature provides different testing problems. I enjoy finding the best possible testing strategy so Execview software provides the best experience for users.

Andras Ludanyi
Andras Ludanyi

I believe in true agile practices and building self-organised, highly skilled teams. As Principal Software Engineer and Engineering Manager, my focus is on evidence based management, new methodologies and technologies, albeit with reference to previous well-established approaches.

Tony Culpin
Brendan McCann

Employees are the key to the success of any organisation, and I have over 30 years supporting businesses put in place effective strategic and operational HR processes, which I’m now using to support Execview’s development needs.

Claire Banks Execview
Claire Banks

As Financial Director with over 20 years’ experience across a variety of businesses. I enjoy working closely with the management team at Execview. It’s a dynamic company, with a clear focus on customers and product development and extensive experience in the software development industry. I support them on the financial side of the business.

dale anderson
Dale Atkinson

In response to the government’s initiative for boosting productivity, my aim is to introduce Execview to organisations who will benefit. We have great connections and are looking forward to helping everyone deliver their projects and programmes … on time and in budget.

David Manuel
David Manuel

I work directly with Execview on the Strategic Plan, identifying Business Development opportunities and preparing the company to access funding and grants for our innovative range of next generation products.

Emma Tracey
Emma Tracey

As the National Sales & Account Manager at Execview, I enjoy helping customers unravel the issues and obstacles hindering them from achieving their goals, and working with them to define the tools and solutions that will allow them to succeed – on time, on budget and with greater visibility across the entire organisation.

ivan barnett
Ivan Barnett

I support the Execview team by looking after the finances of the business. Modern, innovative businesses like Execview often pose challenges that are normally associated with much bigger organisations. It helps that I can draw on my experience across a variety of types and size of business but sometimes I still need to work out new solutions to problems.

James Styman
James Styman

Graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Physics and joined Execview as a Developer. I find it incredibly satisfying to piece together this application, and watch complex functionality arise from linking simple modular components. It’s an exciting time to be at Execview.

jane randall
Jane Randall

Here at Execview we are proud of our history, our stellar client list and our team who collaborate to support and enhance our software solution.

It is my privilege to be CEO and through this role I aim to assist cultural transformation here at Execview as well as provide the optimum platform for clients to transform their organisations.

Looking to the future, we are excited about our collaboration with Innovate UK to design, build and deliver a unique reporting system to market enabling futuristic team and shared services collaboration.

Malcolm Kendall
Malcolm Kendall

As Director of Operations, my experience in delivering and managing technical solutions across a wide range of technologies – vendor solutions and underlying infrastructure, together with a background in IDB’s and investment banking, means I love the challenge of rapid growth and change.

Marisha Shah
Marisha Shah

I’m deeply attached to the success of Execview having spent more than 7 years working on it, helping it build and grow into a mature product. I’ve enjoyed all the challenges and providing best possible solutions that meet our clients’ needs and give them insight into effective data.

penny randall
Penny Randall

After working in customer care for two years, I am excited to contribute support on the Execview helpdesk. I’m currently working part time while studying Business Management at University, exploring my keen interest in sales and marketing.

Reece Bayne
Reece Bayne

I am a Business Analyst supporting the service desk. My aim is to boost efficiency within the service team through reviewing current processes and introducing new innovative ideas into the wider practices. I contribute to the team with a clear vision in developing the business and upholding its core values.

Teodor Andrei Jalba
Teodor-Andrei Jalba

I’ve joined Execview a year and a half ago, and since then, my time here has been nothing short of exciting. It’s allowed me to be involved in plenty of activities: development, new systems, pair programming, standups, greenfield projects and meeting clients. It’s a great time to be here and as the company keeps growing, so will I as a developer.

tom arnold
Tom Arnold

In my role as Business Analyst, I assist PMOs and Project managers streamline their reporting and governance through the Execview platform. From the implementation, through training and then via helpdesk, I support customers with their use of Execview.

Tony Culpin
Tony Culpin

I am delighted to have sourced and placed some exciting talent in Execview. A key part of my role is identifying the X-factor – spotting the star that will shine brightly in a dynamic team.

vygantas skirius
Vygantas Skirius

My interests are in web development, programming and working for Execview, whilst studying Software Systems at university. I’m excited by the possibilities offered by new technology and the opportunities that Execview provides to continuously improve their product performance.

We believe in

Trusted Partnership

Providing clients with project tools that inspire confidence in decisions and encourage action.

A Sense of Community

Projects have the capability to unite people across the organisation through shared goals. We enable shared success through the Execview platform.

The Human Touch

In a world of increasing automation, we make a point of supporting human relationships in project interactions.

Woking Wolves Disability Football For All

In honour of our former account manager Jamie Elgar, we sponsor the annual Jamie Elgar Memorial Trophy and are proud sponsors of Woking Wolves disabled football team. Woking Wolves Disability Football For All is a FA affiliated football team based in Woking, Surrey for players with any special educational needs and all disabilities and attracts players from right across the county of Surrey.

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