Better, Faster Delivery with Lower Risk and Cost

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Better, Faster Delivery with Lower Risk and Cost

The Execview platform allows you to plan and manage complex portfolios, programmes, projects, service delivery and operational services in a single location.

Execview is designed from the ground up to manage complex change, and to be inclusive of PMs, Executives, the PMO, third parties.

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Execview is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Transformational Governance SaaS platform.

You’ll be more efficient.

With all the tools, features and help you will ever need to control, facilitate collaboration and manage all the projects underway throughout your entire organisation.

One of our design goals was ease of use for all participants.

execview operations module


  • Manage all of the operations in your business – IT, Finance, HR or any other operation relevant to your business.
  • Track performance of service providers and suppliers.
  • Manage service delivery performance and processes.
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  • Track the performance of service providers, whether internal, external or outsource partners.
  • Present one consistent view of service delivery performance, to define and track performance and processes across your organisation.
execview finance accounting module

Project Accounting

  • Set up and track any number of SLAs and management KPIs. Drive accountability to your staff and suppliers.
  • Understand the impact of incidents and issues on overall performance.
  • Manage risk. Reduce operational effort and consultancy costs.

Why choose Execview?

Benefits include: Governance, Visibility, Risk Assessment and Alignment


Increased visibility across portfolios improves teamwork and reduces project failures.

Risk Assessment

Risks are flagged and managed early to avoid nasty surprises. Managers make faster, more informed decisions where it matters.


You’ll have insights, status and assessments for more effective, focused decision-making across your projects


Execview encourages collaboration in ownership of the plan, delivery requirements, risks, issues and actions.

More reasons to choose Execview

  • Execview is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Transformational Governance SaaS platform ideal for the Public Sector, Utilities and Enterprise organisations
  • Now, you can replace time-consuming tracking in Excel and generating numbers on graphs in PowerPoint. With Execview, you can reduce this to just half an hour.
  • Execview is a live tool that flags up missed milestones and deliverables, offers different levels of reporting, and keeps projects on time and on budget. It integrates with MS Project, so you can track and update your project.
  • Execview is cloud-based and works right out of the box. Our experts tailor the package to your precise needs, with consultancy and support throughout.
  • It requires just a few hours’ training. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find you can control and manage your entire business from one location, with all the features, tools and help you need.
  • Allocate people to specific tasks and track their activities. Download forecasts. Monitor output. Get amber and red alerts when milestones slip. Get graphs and scorecards. Take precise data into meetings.

Execview integrates with all your major software

And we help you do this seamlessly

Get Execview and unlock the genius in your organisation

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learn more about execview