Project managers have one of the toughest jobs out there. Thanks to seamless integration, reliable reporting and intuitive, collaborative tools, Execview helps them to effectively balance solving problems with meeting executive expectations.

Execview is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Transformational Governance SaaS platform for Enterprises.

Execview is designed from the ground up to manage complex change, and to be ‘inclusive of PMs, Executives, the PMO, third parties. One of the design goals was ease of use be all participants.


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Let’s imagine a world without Execview. You’d likely be using Microsoft Project or Excel and PowerPoint.

Tracking in Excel and generating numbers on graphs in PowerPoint is time-consuming. Reporting can take days. With Execview, you can reduce this to just half an hour.

MS Project is a good planning tool. But, from there, it’s pretty inflexible. Execview is a live tool that flags up missed milestones and deliverables, offers different levels of reporting, and keeps projects on time and on budget.

Best of all, Execview can integrate with MS Project, so you can track and update your project.

Execview’s role in avoiding project failure

Execview is subscription-based Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) soft ware that puts the emphasis on good governance and stakeholder engagement. It also incorporates Operations management and is the number one answer to reduce risk, cost and delay within organisations.

It helps to avoid project failure by providing a comprehensive insight to project, portfolio and programme performance. It allows managers to make key decisions faster, more informed decisions where it matters.

Increased visibility across portfolios has been shown to improve teamwork and reduce project failures. Execview helps by providing this – a comprehensive insight to project, programme and portfolio performance. Risks are flagged and managed early to avoid nasty surprises. Managers make faster, more informed decisions where it matters.

Why is Execview better?


Execview is a cloud-based service that works right out of the box. Unlike some other project software, Execview comes with service built-in. Our experts tailor the package to your precise needs, holding your hand from day one, with consultancy and support throughout.

Execview requires just a few hours’ training. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find you can control and manage your entire business from one location, with all the features, tools and help you need.

Allocate people to specific tasks and track their activities. Download forecasts. Monitor output. Get amber and red alerts when milestones slip. Get graphs and scorecards. Take precise data into meetings.

You’ll look like the genius that you are.

Key challenges & issues for Project & Programme Managers

The speed question

Would you like an off-the-shelf, efficient, all inclusive, low cost portal that helps you deliver your project or programme? Would you like it tomorrow and running next week?

The reporting question

Would you like to better engage your Sponsors and executives in the project delivery issues and governance?

The answer question

Would your job be easier if your team collaborated in ownership of the plan, delivery requirements, risks, issues and actions?

Key issues

Traditionally the ‘tooling’ used by project managers is weak and ineffective. Most still use standalone copies of MS Project, which is updated by one person.

Meetings are typically monthly, and executives do not engage fast enough in decision making, leading to delays and over-runs.

Project management is complex but typically one of five key interventions will fix a broken project or programme.

So intervening ‘hard and fast’ is a way of making significant cost savings. We have shared some thinking for executives, sponsors and PMs on how to intervene to improve portfolio success. But first, we must establish why projects fail…

Why do projects fail?

Projects fail for a number of reasons. The ability to identify the cause of failure is often too little, too late. Being proactive enough to intervene before it gets to this point is crucial. Read on for our top five intervention methods.

Your project is destined to fail, not succeed. There are many things that appear over the life of a project that will cause it to go off-course. Some will be fixable, others not.

Sometimes a project that started with a great business case is no longer justified due to a change of events. Things get in the way.

The key actions are constant monitoring, and quick decision making.
Some projects can go on for months flagging up problems such as resourcing constraints which are never fixed. Others have dependencies on more complex changes and get delayed.

Top 5 intervention types:

Assuming a project has been set up reasonably well, it will run successfully until something goes wrong. Most organisations use a combination of governance processes, reporting and quality management to keep things on course. Try our intervention model on your project. Some other variations are possible, and some of these can be divided into components, but we think this is easy to use in most situations: