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Solutions for C-Suite Directors

Execview means quicker decision-making with our excellent drill-down functionality.

All the information you need is in front of you because you have topline visibility of all projects and programmes, making it possible to stay on top of portfolios in real-time.

You will have:

  • Programme training for Execs and Sponsors
  • Automated reporting
  • Executive / Board decision lists
  • Stakeholder-specific reports and scorecards
  • Cost / benefit tracking reports & processes
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Solutions for PMO Directors

Supports best practice when managing projects, helping teams collaborate through this approach.

Automated, high-quality reports come with milestones, forecasts, graphs and Gantt charts to help you make fast decisions, providing one of the most efficient project management software solutions.

Control Processes include:

  • Project pipeline automation
  • Project start-up/gateway controls
  • Gateway reviews
  • Automated MI on status/risk/slippage etc
  • Control reports for Boards
  • Change Control Processes
  • Board action tracking

Ultimately, Execview reduces risk. So, you make sound commercial decisions all within one project management system.


Solutions for Project & Programme Managers

Execview gets everyone working as a team, reduces individual effort by around 15% and provides a project portal where staff, clients and suppliers can collaborate.

Simply assign tasks to team members through project management software and enhance team collaboration.

See which deliverables are on time, which are delayed, and which will be an issue.

Allocate staff to projects and track their activities. Cut the cost of hiring external consultants and overseeing milestones.

Planning & Problem Solving

  • Programme wide prioritised issue lists
  • Fast path escalation of issues to responsible Execs
  • Support for PMs and Sponsors on problem-solving
  • Gateway reviews/feedback
  • Assurance reviews/feedback

PM Mentoring and Support

  • Programme and project training for PMs and the PMO
  • Assurance input ‘on your side’
  • Problem-solving / mentoring support
  • ‘Clinics’ and lunchtime help sessions

Enjoy faster decisions and avoid overruns.

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How long does it take to set up Execview?

Execview is a cost-efficient, all-inclusive, cost-effective portal that helps you deliver your project or programme. If you buy it tomorrow, it will be up and running next week, becoming the software that your business has been looking for.


How does Execview overcome project failure?

Execview provides oversight at many levels, so encourages a proactive approach to project governance. Execview encourages collaboration so overcomes blockages. Whether you are a small team or a large team, it can help you to manage projects on a variety of scales.


How can I keep a track of more than one project that I manage on Execview?

Execview allows you to organise a portfolio of projects within a hierarchical tree structure with each project programme having a Progress view so users can see status updates and any other data relating to that activity.


What are the advantages of using Scorecards on Execview?

Scorecards allow users to create tailor-made reports from the data stored within Execview. This unique feature allows us to stand out from the likes of Zoho Projects and Kanban Boards.


How highly secure is Execview? We need to limit access to confidential data so is there a way to limit access for people using Execview?

We are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and all data is stored in servers operated by Telehouse in two different locations. Yes, we limit access by roles and profiles.
All staff are SC cleared and all your data is encrypted.


Can we have different roles setup on Execview and determine the level of access for users?

Yes, Admins can create and assign roles to users which limit the level of access they will have.


Can I export/import data from Execview?

Yes, data can be imported and exported from Execview as Excel files.


Is there a function where we can upload confidential documents that relates to a specific project?

Yes, documents can be made ‘Private to my organization’ which will limit users from seeing sensitive documents if they do not have access. Execview has its own secure documents store within the application.


What financial data can be uploaded?

Cost, Benefits and Margin finance data can be imported manually or uploaded via an Excel CSV file or imported via FTP. You can also import and export SAP and Oracle financial products with Execview.


How can you report on very high-risk projects?

By tracking project DAIs and Issues via Measures.


Who owns my data and how much control do I have over the data?

Clients own their own data and have full control over it.

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FAQs about Execview Project Management Solutions