Our product is priced per activity, not per person or per seat. We allow unlimited users. Pricing is on request.

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UK Based Technical Support

At Execview we offer support 8:30 – 6pm Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays)
We have a dedicated team ready to offer advice or help when needed.


Not only are our customer services team ready on hand to help with any queries you may incur, you will also have a devoted business analyst assigned to you, to ensure a smooth-running operation.

When you sign up to Execview you will receive:


On-site quarterly reviews, to ensure you are getting the most out of the product


Constant support and advice


Secured data


Additional service option to onboard a project manager short term or long term


Looking for cost effective yet bespoke training for your staff? We will build a package that is short, effective for your needs.

Something that will work for old and new hires and contractors that join as you grow? We offer basic and bespoke training, off-site and on-site by our experienced Customer Services team. The training is tailored for admin and normal users, to ensure you get the most use of the product.

How about our train the trainer service? We will train your selected team member with full knowledge of the product, to be able to train the rest of your team.

During the training, you will receive comprehensive training material, to share amongst your colleagues.

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Questions and Answers

How can I keep a track of more than one project that I manage on Execview?
Execview allows you to organise a portfolio of projects within a hierarchical tree structure with each project programme etc having a Progress view which we allow users to see status updates and any other data relating to that activity.
What are the advantages of using Scorecards on Execview?
Scorecards allow users to create tailor made reports from the data stored within Execview.
How highly secured is Execview since we will have confidential data so is there a way to limit access for people using Execview?
Execview as a company is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, all data is stored in servers operated by Rackspace in two different location.
Can we have different roles setup on Execview so then that can determine the level of access of users?
Yes, Admin users can create and assign roles to users which limit the level of access users have.
Can I export/import data from Execview?
Yes data can be imported and exported from Execview as Excel files.
Is there a function where we can upload confidential documents that relates to a specific project?
Yes Documents can be made ‘Private to my organization’ which will limit users from seeing sensitive documents if they do not have access.
What financial data can be uploaded?
Either manually or from another system. Cost, Benefits and Margin finance data, entered via manual import, uploaded via an Excel CSV file or imported via Fttp.
How can you report on very high risk projects?
By tracking project DAIs and Issues via Measures.
Who owns my data and how much control do I have over the data?
Clients own their own data and have full control over it.

We hope you found this helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to call
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