Execview’s Sustainability Guidelines



Our Mission Statement

We are devoted to environmental improvements that encourage a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community we do business in.

How We Currently Practice Sustainability


Here at Execview, sustainability is part of our mission statement. That’s why we consider sustainability within everything we do:

  • We use top-tier data centres: these are powered by 100% renewable energy and have an excellent standard of sustainable practice according to BREEAM sustainability assessment methods
  • We procure all business practices and communications that we do electronically so not to contribute to deforestation and greenhouse emissions released during paper manufacturing
  •  In order to reduce the environmental impact of the technology we use, we recently switched to energy-efficient, low power CPU’s. These use less energy and produce less waste than our old systems
  • We have recently changed how we work and have a flexible approach to where we work from and the hours we work. This has reduced both our energy consumption and our transport emissions: a major contributor to climate change accounting for around a quarter of the C02 emissions in the UK
  • We comply with environmental protection acts and control of pollution acts

We are proud to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals:

  • London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC): using Execview, the LLDC built Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: a smart, sustainable urban park which focuses on building resource efficient buildings using low-carbon, renewable energy sources while also creating diverse natural habitats home to hundreds of different species of plants and wildlife.
  •  A Service provider client describes sustainability as being at the heart of everything they do, and they use Execview to complete projects designed to lead the way in sustainability through aligning with the UN’s sustainable development goals, using only carbon neutral data centres and aiming to
    reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 85%

How We Help Companies Become More Sustainable


Sustainable project management using Execview

Listed below are some areas of project management that can incorporate sustainable practices. This is how Execview aids this:

Human Resources

Building a sustainable work environment involves addressing practices that support individual employees. However, assessing the needs of everyone is an undertaking that often results in some folk left behind. Execview allows you to micro-manage operations within your business and ensure everyone feels invested in and that their experience fits your sustainable philosophy.

Resource and procurement management

Essential information for your procurement department:

Execview allows tracking of resource and service suppliers, internal, external, or outsourced, allowing for transparency across the chain and the ability to identify unsustainable practices. Our platform is also entirely electronic, eliminating the need for physical resources. Additionally, our software allows you to manage resources to ensure minimal waste.

Risk Management

Execview’s risk assessment tool ensures potential risks are flagged early to allow managers to make decisions ahead of time. Evaluating, assessing and tracking risk enables project managers to commit to the responsibility of sustainable practice, asking whether their practice is ‘right’ in meeting the needs of the future. Execview’s software offers effective risk management, allowing you to assess the risk of your project’s sustainability.

It is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate sustainability with good governance.

Communications Management

Sustainability is easier to achieve when you practice effective communication. Everyone involved must be asking how we are meeting the demands of today while also considering the needs of tomorrow. Execview’s platform allows for easy collaboration across your company ensuring your message of sustainability remains consistent and aligned.

Our reporting software allows all involved parties to identify the progress of your projects and aims.

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